Established PanPac America, Inc. in California, USA


Consulted a re-structuring project for 'R' group client in USA, Mexico, and Korea


Established PanPac Mexico S.A. DE C.V. in Mexico City, Mexico

Established PanPac Korea Co., Ltd. in Seoul, Korea

Imported the Korean instant noodle products of 'N' corporation as an exclusive partner in Mexico

Began the SNS marketing activities for 'N' corporation in Mexico

Launched the K-Beauty section in 'L' department in Mexico

Operated the K-Beauty KIOSK chains in USA and Mexico


Consulted a re-structuring project for 'S' corporation client in USA


Operated the Amazon sales and marketing in USA


Developing the OEM business with Made-in Thailand natural latex products in USA

Importing the Korean golf GPS products of "F" corporation in USA

Making a strategic partnership between 'N' group in Korea and 'D' and 'C' corporation in USA

Consulting a new business model for North and Latin America for 'H' group client in Korea

Developing the Wal-Mart OEM/ODM business with a Korean mask pack products